At Indochina Consult, our consulting projects are focused to produce in the ways of your business is functioning, organizing and help provide support with a purely professional standpoint at all times and in every situation where all actions are required...


At Indochina Consult, we offer off-line search services to meet your specific requirements, identify and head-hunt high calibre talents for regular employment and act as a trusted advisor to support you throughout the entire hiring process...


Every individual has their increasing responsibility and mistakes at work from time to time. We did listen your dreams, understand and self-design public training programs to share our knowledge, experience and skills with learning principles...


Our expertise and customized deliverables are fully applied on the web technology built and customized on our hands-on experience bases suiting to businesses of all sizes and industries and has easy-to-use functionalities...

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Lan Nguyen
Phuong Le
Thanh Huynh
Nga Le
Quynh Ly
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